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Let us explain as to how Electromagnetic Digital Door Lock system works for various offices and as to why it is better than the conventional lock. You can set a restricted entry to your workplace with only the approved people allowed to enter the workplace and to various other important parts of the office. That way, the outsiders will have to wait outside and they can’t directly enter the restricted zone. The system may use various mechanism from electronic keypads, biometrics to several other frameworks. This helps you take a lot of burden off your shoulders as now, you don’t have to look for the old keys from the fired employees and also, you can rest assured of a perfect safety and security of your workplace.We provide increased door security through our modern door access system in Singapore which is important to many types of businesses.

Door Security Electromagnetic Locks

You must have already seen these Door Security electronic Locks at various places such as eateries, bars, shopping centers, office structures and show venues. Normally, these locks are installed at the various entry and exit points to keep everyone from known to unknown perfectly secure. Over the years, the electronic door lock systems have turned out to be pretty effective in terms of safety, security and in the event of any crises.


These locks actually function using electromagnetism wherein it bolts and entryway, when it is powered with a collinear loading and holding of power. Most importantly, the armature plate and the lock should face each other in order to get the best results.


Electromagnetic locks make the best use of electromagnetic Science. The lock actually comprises an armature plate of metal and curl of wire to polarize. As you power on, the electrical current flows through the curl to polarize the steel plate and eventually, bolting the entryway.

Modes of Application

Our electromagnetic locks can be broadly classified into two models for security reasons:


In this model, the lock opens as you cut off the power supply and it is good for individual safety.


In this model, the lock remains closed even if the power supply is cut off and this model is especially good for securing the property.

Normally, an electromagnetic lock is used in the Fail-Safe mode for better safety against any fire-related crisis.

Advantages of Digital Door Lock

Professional Approach

Using the Digital Door Lock at offices is probably the most professional thing to do at offices as it not only blocks the outsiders but also, stores in various important records that can be retrieved with a very little effort. This eventually reduces a lot of administrative work.

Fast Control

Magnetic locks open much faster than the traditional locks as the force is cut off.


Magnetic locks are also much robust that the ordinary locks and if ever they get constrained, one can open it using a crowbar. Most importantly, even after opening it with a crowbar, the entryway will continue to be unharmed.

Disadvantages of Digital Door Lock

Continuous Energy Supply

These locks need a consistent energy supply in order to keep the entry bolted. The energy consumed by this type of lock is around 3 watts which is certainly pretty lower than that of the traditional bulbs that consume about 60 watts. If the energy source is ever upset, the gadget will open and bring about the security alarm.

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